Top Software Engineering Talks

Top Software Engineering Talks

My top 6 talks when it comes to software engineering.

Simplicity Matters:

  • Simple is not easy

  • Design is about pulling things apart

  • Simplicity enables change

  • Complexity inhibits understanding

  • Simplicity equals opportunity

The Wet Codebase:

  • Why strict adherence to writing code that is free of duplication (DRY) inevitably leads to software we can’t understand

All the Little Things:

  • Refactoring with confidence is only possible with tests

  • Prefer duplication over the wrong abstraction

  • Make smaller things

Deconstructing React:

  • Building is learning

  • Time is never wasted

  • Wake up the wonder

AHA Programming:

  • Avoid hasty abstraction

  • Duplicate till you find the right abstraction

The Art of Code Comments:

  • Comments should explain the why if necessary

  • Comments should not explain what the code does if it's self-explanatory

  • Samples of good and bad comments