The beauty of writing

The beauty of writing

You're writing for yourself, that's the beauty.


Many people are nervous about writing about a topic because someone else has already written about it.

Honestly, I don't understand why you'd care if someone has written about the same topic. All over the world, people create all kinds of content about the same topic.

Don't write for others. Write for yourself.

The beauty of writing is the process of it.

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The process of writing

When you're writing, you're constantly thinking.

In fact, I'm doing it now. I'm writing, and whatever I'm writing, I'm reading it out loud in my head.

Writing forces you to think. It forces you to think thoroughly about the topic.

On top of that, you're often rereading your content. It's constant reinforcement of what you've learned.

Additionally, you may research a topic to explain it better. That's even more learning for you!

Write for your younger self

Many people are clueless about how to write or where to begin.

Don't be too dramatic. It's simple. Write for your younger self.

What would you have told your 6-month younger self?

It's easier when you're writing for a specific person than trying to write for the entire world.

Why I love writing

I love writing for the benefits it gives me.

Yes, helping others is nice.

However, that's the cherry on top of the cake. And let me tell you, I'd gladly eat the entire cake without the cherry.

Here is why I love writing:

  • It reinforces what I've learned

  • It makes me see if I've understood the topic

  • It helps me better articulate myself

  • My blog is a place for me to store my knowledge (a second brain)

After I wrote my first blog post, I fell in love with writing.

I wish I had begun earlier. I used to have the assumption that people blog to help others. But in reality, people first and foremost write for themselves.


Start a blog.

Form a habit of writing.

Write for your current and younger self.