I love OReilly and Frontend Masters

I love OReilly and Frontend Masters

Platforms that have helped me level up in ways I can't even describe.

Both OReilly and Frontend Masters have helped me tremendously in my career. I'm still subscribed to both platforms today, its been around two years since I started using them.

Frontend Masters is a platform that offers workshops from numerous experienced engineers. The workshops are practical. They contain exercises and are often around 4 hours long, making it doable to finish them. New workshops get released consistently.

OReilly is a platform offering courses, workshops and books. So far, I have only read books on OReilly. I love the experience of reading books there, they also track how much of the book you have read, it is super awesome!


Frontend Masters

I have done numerous workshops at Frontend Masters. From how JavaScript works to designing websites. It is really astonishing how much you can learn there. The stuff they have there isn't just frontend related, in fact, they have workshops on other programming languages like Rust and Go.


I have read too many books over at OReilly. I can't even keep track of how many books I have read. OReilly has almost every book out there related to software engineering. They even have books about start-ups, product management, and writing.

I really like that you can also configure your reading experience.


For Frontend Masters I pay 40 bucks a month. It is completely cool with me, I would have paid up to 80 bucks for it if I had to, that's how good it is!

OReilly costs 50 bucks a month. I think it is reasonable, and quite a nice price considering the number of books I read. I save money by using OReilly, so that feels amazing.


I got promoted to mid-level after 10 months. A lot of the things I learned, I learned from both OReilly and Frontend Masters.

Of course, I worked hard, but those platforms really do contain some good knowledge you can benefit from.

Should you subscribe to both?

You can do whatever you want, but I strongly recommend both. If you are not into books, Frontend Masters should be enough. Their practical workshops are amazing, you can't miss out on them!

You should browse both platforms and see what you want to learn there, I bet you will find something!