Become an outstanding Frontend Developer

Become an outstanding Frontend Developer

What are the next steps after finally landing your job?


When I got my first job as a software engineer, I began working as a Junior Frontend Developer. I was excited. But more importantly, I was ambitious to reach the next level. I was craving to sharpen my craft and become an outstanding developer.

I genuinely wish an article like this one existed. Back then, I wish someone had told me what I should learn to become an outstanding Frontend Developer. I want to become strong at the Frontend before I dove into full-stack development.

You should learn these things to become an outstanding Frontend Developer; let's dive in! 😈

Things you should learn


Many developers don't know how to write tests or struggling to do so. If you get good at writing tests, I can guarantee you will stand out because of the importance of testing in software engineering. This doesn't only apply to Frontend development. It applies to any field within our profession.

Get good at writing tests, and even better, learn Test-Driven Development.

The number one resource to learn testing in JavaScript: Testing JavaScript.


Rarely do I meet developers who know the basics of accessibility, even though it is such an important topic. However, if you learn accessibility in-depth, you will stand out immediately.

If you don't know where to begin, I got you covered:

I have already dug into and written on many things around accessibility. Below is an old thread of mine. Some of the content may have updated versions.

Web Performance

Web Performance is another area you can learn deeply, and it will make you stand out. I have met many developers who know the basics of Web Performance but not in-depth.

I know how to use the browser's DevTools and make my websites more performant with the UI framework I work with, React. However, I'm not an expert at all.

Articles I have written on Web Performance:

I wouldn't say my articles are enough; I'd describe them as the basics. I think I have many more things to learn regarding Web Performance.

Besides YouTube, I'd recommend checking out sites like Frontend Masters to learn more.

How the Web works

Learning how the Web works is a thing I'd strongly recommend. I don't think knowing it is required to become a great Frontend Developer, but it will help with your overall understanding:

  • Why your site may be slow

  • How the framework of your choice works

Videos I'd recommend to learn more about the Web:


Yes, learn JavaScript in-depth. You may be able to build things with JavaScript, but do you understand how it works and why it does things in specific ways?

Diving deep into JavaScript will help you write better code. Here are resources I have done myself and recommend:


If you're reading this, you know in our times, TypeScript is hot. Most people writing JavaScript are writing TypeScript. If you don't know what TypeScript is, you should check it out.

I'm assuming you're working with TypeScript if your goal is to become an outstanding Frontend Developer. Learning TypeScript in-depth will help you a ton in writing advanced type-safe code.

Resources I recommend:


You may be working with CSS in one way or another. But, on the other hand, you may not be touching CSS if you're working with a component library where all the styles are done, and little customization must be done.

Learning CSS in-depth is one of the best investments you can make to become an outstanding Frontend Developer.

There are a dozen resources out there, but if I'd recommend one, it'd be CSS for JavaScript developers.

Your framework in-depth

I wanted to exclude this point because it felt too obvious. But I think it's best to include everything on my mind in this article.

As the point says, learn the framework you're using in-depth.


Becoming an outstanding Frontend Developer is a journey, for some, a very long one.