Why I'd use React

Why I'd use React

Would I ever use React again?

In the past few days, I've been thinking about why I'd still use React or when I'd still React since my main choice of framework/library whatever you want to call it is Solid.js at the moment.

I'll try to keep this piece short.

FYI, whatever you want to call React, library, framework, technology, a Naruto jutsu, I don't care, I'll just call it a framework.


The ecosystem is arguably the strongest factor for why one would pick React. Whether a company, person, or group of people. When I say Ecosystem, I mean the tools and solutions built around React, both open-source and paid ones.

Now, if you're working on a side project, and have no deadline, or you can choose your deadline, then maybe if a solution doesn't exist for the framework you're using, you can devote time to creating that solution. Or if a solution is being worked on, you can devote time to help out (assuming it is open-sourced).

Though, companies, most of them cannot afford to spend time building tools or solutions necessary for the development of the product. Engineering time is expensive.

This is why many companies still, even if they were to pick a framework for their product today, would go with React.


Remix is a fullstack web framework that is based on React.

This also to be completely honest goes into the section of Ecosystem, though, I wanted to bring it up separately.

If I was to work on a fullstack web app (authentication, persistence, numerous routes...), I would go with Remix.

So yeah...

That is also another reason why I'd use React, if I could live in my dreams, I'd wish I could use Remix but use Solid.js instead of React for the UI...

Regardless, React isn't bad, Solid.js is just much better and I love it so much.


I'd still use React, depending on what I'm building.

Guess this is the end of the rant...