Make sure it gets merged!

Make sure it gets merged!

Reviewers, drive the PR forward and make sure it gets merged.

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Ever had your PRs reviewed, just to play a ping-pong game, making the PR take forever before it gets merged?

I know, it is annoying as fuck.

We want to avoid that. PRs shouldn't go through more than a single cycle of review. We want the team to be productive. It is better for the reviewer and author to jump on a call and address things together, then get the PR merged and ship that feature/fix.

Reviewers should take responsibility and make sure the PR they review gets merged. It is the team's work in the end. Reviewers shouldn't be gatekeepers, they should help the author and team get it merged as soon as possible, keeping the team productive and always shipping.

Don't forget, whatever you do, whatever anyone else does, it is the team doing it, it is the team's work.

It's so important to have empathy and understand this, you will help your entire team a ton by shifting your mentality and being a teammate, a proper one.