How to access search params in Next.js layouts

How to access search params in Next.js layouts

Short answer

You can't. Because you shouldn't.

Long answer

In Next.js, layouts stay the same when you switch routes, so they don't re-render. This helps keep the state and makes things faster by not re-rendering. But it also means layouts can't directly access search parameters (searchParams) because these can change with navigation and would need the layout to re-render to show the new state.

You may think it's a stupid idea. But it's actually desired. For example, if you have a Navigation component at the top of your layout, you don't want it to re render every time you navigate to a new route.

But I really need it

One workaround is to use client components. To be fair, it's not a workaround, but wherever you need the search params, you would use a client component.

'use client';
import { useSearchParams } from 'next/navigation';

function SearchComponent() {
    const searchParams = useSearchParams();
    const search = searchParams.get('search');

    return <div>Search: {search}</div>;

export default function Layout({ children }) {
    return (
            <SearchComponent />

If you need to conditionally render things, return null inside the client component when, e.g., search params aren't there.