Developer skills people don't talk about

Developer skills people don't talk about

Whether you like it or not, these skills will level you up.


There are many essential skills to have as a software engineer; some are more important than others.

In this article, I want to share skills I think we don't talk too much about but ones I think you should consider.

Let's dive in without rambling!

The Skills

Type faster

Learn to type faster. If we sum up all the seconds you spend on the keyboard, it's an amount. So get things done a fraction faster by learning to type more quickly.

Increase your typing speed. You can do it over at Keybr.

Learn your IDE

Learn to work more effectively with your IDE. Do fewer things with the mouse. Learn more shortcuts and boost your productivity. Create your custom shortcuts. Things you repeatedly do with the mouse get them done with a single click.

Read faster

Learn to read faster.

We read every day. You'd assume people would become faster readers the older they get, but in reality, it is a skill you have to practice.

Yes, many of these skills will improve as you gain more experience. First, however, learning to read faster is a skill you must practice.

I'm still practicing it myself. Every time I see someone reading many pages and understanding what they have read, it's fascinating.

I wouldn't call this a skill.

Whenever you are looking for code samples to see how people have implemented something, use GitHub Search. It's phenomenal. I love using it, especially when the documentation of the technology I'm using is dry.


The skills mentioned aren't the most important for a software engineer, but they surely help you level up!