Computer science applied to life?!

Computer science applied to life?!

I loved this book.


The book Algorithms To Live By was great.

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I enjoyed it. Especially the first half of the book. The second half was okay, but I still thought it was a fantastic read.

It's about applying computer science to our lives besides tech. My favorite part was avoiding Overfitting.

Here are notes for myself.


Optimal stopping

  • Set a threshold or deadline to force yourself to eventually make decisions and stop waiting for the perfect moment or person.


  • Explore -> Explore different options and experiment to find something better.

  • Exploit -> Use your existing knowledge to make the decision

  • It depends on the situation. Sometimes it's better to explore, sometimes to exploit.


  • Sort things in your life for quick access.

  • Closet, food, fridge, books etc.


  • Preparation prevents poor performance.

  • Prepare things you often need and have them ready for quick access.

  • I do this by always having my workout clothes ready.

  • Food, clothes, water, charging, keys etc.


  • Avoid Overfitting.

  • Don't be too fixated on the details or too focused on the presence.

  • Zoom out, see the big picture and don't focus too much on the present feelings.

  • Work out, eat healthily, abstain from temporary pleasures that ruin you in the long term, and consistently put in hard work.


  • Networking increases your opportunities.

  • Seek a diverse network.

  • Networking is like a graph that compounds.

  • You can get in touch with people connected to those you know.


I wish I had read the book earlier.

It gave me new ways of seeing things.

A must-read.