Being interviewed as a software developer

Being interviewed as a software developer

Red flags when you are being interviewed.

In this article, I want to share some tips from the book The Software Craftsman on red flags when it comes to being the interviewee, signs that the company may not be the one we would like to join.


When managers, architects, and team leaders, are interviewers instead of developers we would work with, that is a sign the management team does not trust developers.

It should be enough for us to question whether developers have the power to make decisions or if a few people in higher positions make all the decisions.


Single interview processes are a sign that the company may be in a hurry and cannot take the time to hire the right people, meaning there could be developers onboard already who wasn't actually a fit.

A multiphase interview process normally means that the company is interested in analyzing different aspects of the candidate’s profile and is more serious about finding someone who is suitable for the role, company, and team.


If the interviewer is following a script, asking specific questions, that shows that they are not willing to explore new ideas and engage in a debate.

They already have a presumption of what it means to be a good developer.

It also shows that they follow a process, even when it may not be the best idea.

An interview done in such a fashion can be a sign that the whole team may not be open to different ideas.