2 DevTools Tips

2 DevTools Tips

Two things about the elements tab I wish I knew sooner.

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I wanted to share two things I wish I knew sooner as a frontend developer that would help me when it comes to working with the elements.

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Computed tab dev tools

I actually knew much later about the computed tab, roughly a while after having gotten started working as a frontend developer.

I found that it comes in handy when an element has so many styles applied to it, but you specifically want to find one style and its value, then it gets tough just using the Styles tab, hence the Computed tab to the rescue.

Toggle State

Toggle State

Sometimes you want to work with the DevTools, change styles, and see how a certain style is applied when the element is in a different state, that is when the toggle state functionality comes to the rescue.

I knew about this functionality roughly a while before starting to work as a developer, I wish knew about it from the very beginning of my coding journey though.