Life. Time. Reality.

Life. Time. Reality.

We don't live our entire lives.

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·Dec 31, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Beauty
  • Waking hours
  • Fuse bomb
  • Conclusion


I don't want to leave any potential behind when I pass away.

I love having ambitious dreams and working hard like Naruto. Naruto made me realize that I can have any destiny I want through discipline, hard work and perseverance. There are numerous things I want to do in life, things people often claim are impossible when I mention them.

However, after the success I have had after dropping out of high school, my mindset has changed. I see things as possible or impossible depending on whether another human has been able to do it. I rarely view things as hard or easy.

Naruto has been a joy to watch, and I still watch it today. It's amazing to me where he was as an orphan and how he became the greatest ninja who existed in the world of Naruto.

I love Naruto.

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Time is limited. The globe is spinning. No matter what happens in my life, the globe will keep spinning. It's not easy to acknowledge that the time we have is limited and to accomplish great things, we will have to put in a great amount of work to get there.

My big dreams are one of my greatest sources of motivation and drive. I know to get there, I need to move, whether the day is sunny, windy, or rainy.

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It's interesting as humans that we need sleep to recharge. Sleep is extremely important. Lack of sleep will lead to a worse life. Both mentally and physically.

I find it fascinating that we have to sleep every night to recharge. We do it for a good amount of hours. I sleep myself around 8 hours every night. I wouldn't consider it a waste.

To perform well with the time we have, we need good energy. If you decide to reduce sleep and see your performance decrease, you have wasted time. You have wasted time you could have performed better and accomplished more in the same period.

With this, we can understand that using time effectively means designing our lives in a way that lets us perform well. Our measure shouldn't be what we have done every second. Our measure should be the progress we have done toward our dreams.

For me, numerous things play a role here:

  • Staying hydrated

  • Sleeping well

  • Daily nap

  • Daily exercise

  • Not overeating

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Life is beautiful. I'm grateful for all the things I have. I wake up and I'm happy to be alive. The very same time I wake up, someone else has passed away. I wake up and I start the day by being good to myself and my family.

Being good to myself means not wasting time after the first second of waking up. I make my bed. I do my situps. I drink and hydrate myself with water.

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Waking hours

I see the waking hours I have, as the time I'm alive. To me, sleep is a necessity to survive. However, I'm not alive during the time I sleep. It's as if we are tapping into death to recover. Similar to how you would shut down your phone and charge it (even though we don't have to shut down our phones).

I don't live my entire life. I live 2/3rds of my life if not less considering the amount of time I slept as a baby and young child. This makes me see the beauty of life, and the stages it has as a whole, however, it does create a sense of urgency for me, to reach my dreams and collect more of my potential.

I want to make up for the time I wasn't awake. The time I was truly alive.

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Fuse bomb

Just because I was born after you, does not mean I will pass away after you have done so. Death is unpredictable. Lives don't pass away in chronological order. I have been thinking of life sort of like a fuse bomb.

Let's say you're born before me, but the fuse of your bomb is much longer than mine, then despite my fuse being lighten later than yours, my bomb still explodes before yours does.

This is why I think it is important to live like it is your last day, but to also live as if you will live for another 20 years.

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Life is beautiful. Live it. Use it. Cherish it. Make the most of it.

Die with memories, not dreams.

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